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For now I'm feeling fine.


Isidore has been struck by lightning three times.

Blaine was my friend.

I don't plan to get divorced from you unless you give me a valid reason.

Nothing was to be heard except the sound of the waves.

She will be coming to the party too.

You think that it will work?

I'll be working.

You promised me.

The room was crowded.

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My career is on the line.

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A convict has escaped from prison.

He put her savings to good use.

If you have written the letter, I'll post it.

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I tried to get down every word he said.


His bag was heavy, and what was worse, one of his heels had got blistered.


I'll be presenting a paper at a conference.

Most people are afraid to set high goal for fear of not achieving it.

It's my view that guns should be banned.

Everybody jumped into the pool.

Siping doesn't know me very well.

We cannot see the other side of the moon.

What will you wear?

Don't waste wood. It doesn't grow on trees.

There was nothing I could do about it.

February 7th is Northern Territories Day in Japan.

They are as good as gold.


Why should I apologize?

Mr. Shimada works at an osteopathic clinic.

I was foolish enough to believe him.


I can't promise Sarah will talk to you.

My parents are opposed to my sister marrying a foreigner.

The watch you gave me doesn't keep time.

Give us a demonstration.

His bag is right here, so he cannot have gone to school yet.


You are not allowed to turn left on this street.

Would you like a seat?

Dylan is in terrible physical condition.


What do you feel like talking about?


I told you I didn't like the way Carolyn looked.

It's beyond my comprehension.

He himself said so.

I only wish I had stopped him.

I rely on your promise.

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What do you want that old thing for?

Lyusya decided to give up on everything and leave for Siberia.

Everyone makes mistakes.

American forces were withdrawn.

The war situation was desperate.

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Do you have something to make this headache go away?

I looked her straight in the eye.

It's an esoteric debate.

She speaks French, not to speak of English.

Did you have fun at the party last night?

I heard Jan was mugged.

You should always think highly of your own teachers.

They lived on farms or in small towns.

Saiid is lonely and has no one to talk to.

They carried him to a nearby house.

I think everything is functional.

Dutch is a Low Franconian language.

Darren is ill at ease among strangers.

What's that animal's name?

Take Shyam downtown.


Please put on your slippers.

A light breakfast was served.

Rodney was fair.

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You can't cancel the meeting.

Preparations are already under way for the Olympic Games.

One of his paintings fetched more than a million dollars at auction.

It seems good to a scientific person, but I prefer to consult you in practical matters.

Kyu was promoted to first lieutenant on October 20, 2013.

He frowned in puzzlement.

The pain is too much to bear.

Sri is better at French than me.

There's something else you need to do before you go home.

Some people gain weight when they quit smoking.

Hans gets away because of his stupidity.

I thought Terri would be hard at work.

The pie is delicious.

We found the failure of the experiment at the last moment.

I am just a nobody.

The car is screeching.

The skyscraper is in the downtown.


Could you lend me some money? I just need three dollars.

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Certain animals are fast disappearing.

Everyone sympathised with her.

You just have to promise me one thing.

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I also stopped sleeping.

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Allan and Sandip were a perfect couple. It's such a shame.

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They often connect Japan with Mt. Fuji.

We have to figure out a way to get out of here alive.

Skip thought no one was at home.

Wash your face before you go to school.

The salesman demonstrated how to use the mincer.

I'm here looking for Raul.

At this time of the year, all Belgian students are on revision break.


Lead is easily bent.

I don't believe Blayne is qualified.

This is so hilarious.


Marlena is our guy.


Christopher put on his jacket.


Mike and David are always quarreling with each other over trifles.


I lucked out.


It's simply that I don't really understand what an "oddball" is when said by a Mixi user.

We're going to my place.

You have to look good today.

Stop worrying, and get some sleep.

Just when she said "Ooh, what a beautiful star," a star fell across the sky and a blue light quickly fainted in a diagonal trajectory, dragging behind a faint tail.


This photo was stolen from my friend.


Do you think that's significant?

I arrived back home earlier than usual.

I hope we'll see him again.


He said that he had no idea that his partner was a corrupt cop.


I get the feeling that you don't want me here.

I'm not chicken.

He visited Tehran.


I've never lied to you before.


I thought Henry had stopped dating Tracy.

Margie was in the audience.

I wish I had seen her.

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He has many troubles.

Did you have anything to do with this?

Sharada was caught shoplifting.

There are several theories.

Please keep your eye on my child.

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They worked hard from morning till night.


Can you wake me up at seven o'clock tomorrow morning?


Stop calling me that!

Johann is extremely popular.

He's demented.

It has nothing to do with real life.

Now you've done it.


Please put me through to Mr. Brown.


She is happy to have conceived a baby by him.

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I wish I had tried harder to get along with everyone in the class.


How do I eat this?


We have to keep working.

Do you talk to him a lot?

Norman poured himself a drink.

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Normally you'd call 250 yards a great distance for an amateur.

I told Jakob not to date Roderick.

I realize that there's a problem.


I wished her a good night.

I'm sorry, but the number you have dialled is incorrect.

We both know what happened to Andries.

I woke up one morning to find that all the bills in my wallet had turned into two-thousand yen bills.

Sabrina pretended to be a doctor.

Do you want me to try it?

He's waiting at the bus stop.


I know that name.


Wine is not to my taste.


When did he go to Europe?